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Marcio Ribeiro, aka PIA, is a painter from the city of Rio de Janeiro and has his roots in street art. The artist, who has worked in the film industry as a set designer and art director, began his career as a visual artist in 2001. Since then, he has participated in several street art festivals, both individually and in collectives. His wok is represented by galleries and has been commissioned by large commercial brands.

The poetics of PIA’s work is created in a dialogue wih contemporary art, through a comfortable flow perceived in his tireless strokes and minimal features. From transparency to density. Fragments of the artist’s universe are expressed in his work by overlapping layers, portraying a soft mood amidst the over-stimulation of contemporary life. PIA also brings a the colourful tradition of Brazilian street art.

Artefato Gallery is bringing to the wider UK audience  on demand limited editions artworks from PIA. We sell 2 set sizes limited to 10 editions each that will be created according to your desire and needs.

PIA can also create custom works like different sizes, murals and walls. Please contact the gallery for more information and rates.