Flor de dor (Pain Flower)

Flor de dor (Pain Flower)

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2020, watercolour and posca marker on kraft paper


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 About the artist

Aislan Santos, 29 years old from the Pankararu people, was born in Petrolândia, Pernambuco State. He is a Medical student at University of Brasília as has been experiencing first hands how this pandemic is affecting the country.
His journey with art started from missing his origins, also the need to exalt and connect to his ancestrality. Art is for him a great artistic and therapeutic embrace to continue the struggle to get his degree completed. It is also to express his standpoint and place where his body occupies, i.e. being doctor – a very elitist profession in Brazil.

“In partnership with the Commission of Humanization at University Hopital of Brasilia I realised my first exhibition called “Abá Pukuá” (Heaven Man) where I could express my feelings and bring healing through art to those spaces”

In his paintings, many of them on Kraft paper, white and red are predominant.

About this work

"It's about ressignifying all pain in our lives"