Tips for investing in art

We have compiled a short list with few tips so you can make a better decision when buying art as asset allocation. As in any investment, its important to remember that art investment also carries its risks. 

  • Never buy a bad picture just because it is from a famous artist
  • Trust your instinct – make sure you enjoy the artwork! 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help
  • Buy the best you can afford rather than many not so good pieces of the same artist
  • Make sure you research about the artist so you understand what they want to convey
  • For anyone starting to invest in art, internet is definitely the best tool available
  • Originals will always be more valuable than prints in the long term
  • Art usually appreciates with time and has a better yield rather than investing in shares
  • Art is (mostly) a physical asset rather than liquid assets like other more traditional investments
  • It is the type of investment that will embellish your house, it will have a story to tell and another layer of personal meaning besides investing in the artist and his ideas.

We will always be happy to help you through this journey and find the right artist and artwork for your liking.

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