Artefato Gallery is a London-based online art gallery showing curated works from selected Brazilian artists for a wider UK & European audience.

This space will bring different narratives and epistemes from Brazil, breaking the language and cultural barriers and show how connected we are sharing similar issues.

According to Maura Reilly on Curatorial Activism: Towards and Ethics of Curating, galleries should be more proactive about supporting and promoting Other Artists. Artefato Gallery is here to give voice to selected artists from the South.

Corporate enquiries

We are more than happy to hear from architects, decorators, bars, clubs and any other venues that are looking to have beautiful and meaningful art for decoration or other purposes. We will definitely be able to cater for your needs either via the art displayed on here or custom made by the artists we work with.

About the director

Tulio Althoff was born in Brazil in 1981 and has had London as home since 2007. Since then he has made a career in sales in the service industry and decided it was time to explore ways to use his expertise in sales with one of his passions, that is art.


As a small collector, I felt there was space for a gallery to show some artists from the South.  Those artists  are connected with me on a personal level and are bringing perspectives to issues and questions that are relevant personally. Artworks that as a British Brazilian and Londoner make my heritage and my current life intersect in different levels.

Tulio Althoff, Director of Artefato Gallery