Artefato Gallery is an online art gallery based in London. It showcases curated works from selected Brazilian contemporary artists to a broader audience in the UK and Europe.

The gallery's mission is to build connections between various Brazilian artist communities and provide these artists with more exposure to new markets.

Brazilian Contemporary Art has its roots in Modernism. Oswald de Andrade's Cannibalist Manifesto in 1928 introduced the concept of 'Antropophagy', creating a new post-colonial blueprint for the development of a unique Brazilian identity and culture. This concept has influenced all Brazilian cultural expressions since then, including the Tropicália movement.

Today, in the face of climate crisis, media manipulation, surveillance, commodification, and fragmentation, a new form of art is emerging. Young artists who were marginalised before are making their voices heard. These include black, LGBTQ, and indigenous artists. Artefato Gallery is a platform to promote and showcase these new voices from the Brazilian art scene.

About the Director

Tulio Althoff, born in Brazil in 1981, has called London his home since 2007. He has been running the online art gallery since its opening in 2018. He researches about Brazilian environment and art, decolonial epistemologies and Atlantic connections with the metropole and the South.