Artefato Gallery is a London-based online art gallery showing curated works from selected Brazilian contemporary artists for a broader UK & European audience.

The mission of the gallery is to bridge various artists communities from Brazil and provide its artists greater exposure to new markets

Brazilian Contemporary Art has its roots in Modernism when the concept of ‘Antropophagy’ in Oswald de Andrade’s Cannibalist Manifesto in 1928, brought a new post-colonial paradigm for the creation of a Brazilian identity and culture of its own, embodied in all Brazilian cultural manifestations since, including Tropicalism in the sixties. 

Almost a century later, in the midst of Brazil’s - and the world’s – neoliberal vortex of Amazon deforestation, climate crisis, indigenous and human rights violations, censorship and media manipulation, surveillance, commodification, fragmentation…  never has it been felt this more urgent to bring the decolonial conversation forward, bridging connected realities, and fostering critical thought and disruption on the colonial matrix of power.

About the director

Tulio Althoff was born in Brazil in 1981 and has had London as home since 2007. Since then he has made a career in sales in the service industry and decided it was time to explore ways to use his expertise in sales with one of his passions, that is art.


As a small collector, I felt there was space for a gallery to show art practices from the Global South.  Those artists  are connected with me on a personal level and are bringing perspectives to issues and questions that are relevant personally. Art practices that as a British Brazilian and Londoner make my heritage and my current life intersect in different levels.

Tulio Althoff, Director of Artefato Gallery