Camila Soato

Camila was born in Brasilia and currently lives in Sao Paulo. She graduated in Visual Art from University of Brasilia (UnB), and is master in Contemporary Poetics from the same university. She is currently a PhD student in Contemporary Poethics from the University of Sao Paulo (USP).

She is mainly active on the following subjects: contemporary art, feminism, “rough around the edges”, gender and painting. Camila develops practical and theoretical researches in painting, drawing and performance. Through expressive brushstrokes and a hint of aggressiveness, she combines funny images from the Brazilian everyday, she works on compliments to mistakes portraying them as poethical indexes. She also brings the strength of the Afro Brazilian orishas like Iansã and Xangô, conveying the feminine, power and attitude. Freestyling techniques, blurs and dirt, they are the protagonists together with clunky or perverse characters in excrutiating scenes. Everything is justapoxed into bizarre narratives.

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