Instituto Kabu - Kayapó Women's Artisans Cooperative

Instituto Kabu works with 11 traditional communities at Baú and Mekrãgnotire Indigenous Lands in Pará Brazil developing various projects to help those traditional communities find ways to improve their lives in a sustainable way.

The Women's Artisans Cooperative is one of these project who utilise the amazing traditional craftsmanship from Kayapó women in order to improve both their lives and their kids', mantaining their traditional way of living and passing on their knowledge to the next generations of Kayapó women.

We are bringing their traditional body painting - which is made by women in those communities - applied to fabric. Different patterns are painted on different people for different ceremonies or activities and they resemble animals, plants and everything that surrounds them.

All paintings are made on demand and they might have slight modifications on the final job, making each artwork unique.

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