Junior Santos

Professional photographer, his career started in 1996 exploring the natural resources around Serra Geral, an old and rugged mountain range in Santa Catarina Brazil. In 2000 he had his first solo photo exhibition from photos of Aguai State Reserve at Serra Geral. Santos has collected a vast database on the biodiversity at Agai Reserve. He also produced audio visual documentaries: Aguai Floresta Atlantica Andes ASGEM and Memorias de Sao Pedro.He is a founding member of the state’s Mountaineering Federation.

His photographs show a little bit of Serra Geral and were curated by Tulio Althoff, Director of Artefato Gallery. Junior manages to portray all its beauty and intensity of the green from the Atlantic forest – a shade you cannot find elsewhere, its landscapes with Jurassic Araucaria pine trees and the richness of the forest’s orchids. It also reminds us of how those pristine green spaces we still have left in our planet are so important and need more attention from us. 

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