Tiriri Rayo

Tiriri Rayo is an art educator, cultural producer, and visual artist. From Escada in the state of Pernambuco, Tiriri Rayo belongs to the Tapuya people and is the campaign coordinator for the Mata Sul Land Back Movement.

As an Indigenous futuristic artist, she illustrates how new temporalities can guide us towards possible futures rooted in ancestral elements.

The project "Favela de Kaboko is Aldeia" - funded by the Brazilian federal government through the Paulo Gustavo law - features a series of photographs documenting the lives of indigenous people in the urban landscapes of Pernambuco. Through her lens, Tiriri showcases resistance, resilience, and the fight against ethnic erasure. Tiriri's photos challenge stereotypes by displaying indigenous bodies from diverse peoples occupying urban areas. These bodies reaffirm their unique indigenous identities through new entanglements, creating new ways to express themselves and r-existing.

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