CUSTOM - Limited Edition

CUSTOM - Limited Edition

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Which colours and style would you like your artwork to be?

Artefato Gallery is bringing you limited editions of custom artwork from PIA. Once order is placed, we will contact you straight away to hear how you would like your artwork to look like, in 2 set sizes, limited to 10 editions each size.

PIA and Artefato will work with you so you will be able to have a tailored work according to your wish and needs.

PIA can also produce custom artworks in different sizes, please contact the gallery to discover more.

Shipped from Brazil.

We aim to deliver your on demand order within 2 months from order.

Shipping, insurance (£12) and VAT (5% in the UK) are paid separately.

Picture shown has the only purpose to illustrate PIA’s work, style and techniques.

Every artwork will be provided with a digital certificate of provenance using blockchain technology for transparency, security and anonymity to protect your records of ownership.